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A happy birthday to my Jack kit Wright and Chris Jack was born in welwick Yorkshire in 1568 and Chris in 1570 January 31st they lived wyth their two sisters Martha and Alice in ploughlands hall wyth Robert their dad and Ursula Rudson Roberts second wife Jack and I was lovers till we found out that we had thee same father in our past lyfes also Jack and Chris in 1601 went to fight wyth thee Earl of Essex rebellion against thee queen Elizabeth first also it’s Thomas winters and Robert winters birthdays today as well Robert thee eldest brother lived at Huddlington hall near Worcester Robert and Tom uncle a Catholic vicar was executed by queen Elizabeth first in 1566 Tom in 1604 said to Robert catesby to abandon thee plotte as for Robert catesby he was from Bushwood hall in Oxfordshire we all have a great friend ship that’s lasted over 400years happy birthday to my lads

January 31, 2022
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