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As we go back in tyme to 1985 infarct to wednesday 16th October at thee tyme I was working at Stansted airport in thee Braintree years at that particular tyme we used to prepare meals for thee incoming and outgoing flights and had thee tea room where we had our tea break at 1130am on thee day before Tuesday 15th October 1985 we sat down and had a ciggy and a cup of tea carron and her friend put these bit of paper around a big glass Ouija board as Jayne and Sean sat there as they said wyll you join us as we put our fingers on thee glass it started to moove as it spelt out its message and carron asked thee question sean said that wyll be about me as I said got to go thee thing was carron and her friend was always doing Ouija board thee next day Wednesday morning I got off thee bus from takely and walked down thee elsingham road towards thee airport when all of a sudden I was thrown to thee ground as I looked up above me was these lyke large flying birds and that had brown wings wyth orange spots on them and that had red eyes as they sqteeched and then thay was gone as I composed my self and stood up and lit a ciggy as I looked at thee airport I thought perhaps it’s a new type of aircraft as in thous days Dan air and air UK among others came there for there meals as I soon got there and Jane said you ok as I explained what had transpired earlier oh she said that’s strange I saw them to when carron came in I told her oh she said that that didn’t hurt you did thay well that’s ok then isn’t it don’t you think?

February 1, 2022

then i left work a year later after telling my friend Ted about it he said I think we should return if they are still there then I’ll take my camera to take a pic so on October 15th Wednesday 1986 we returned as I walked down thee elsingham road towards thee airport ted was watching as all of a sudden that was back as this noise I thought I wonder if it was thous radishes I gave ted for yesterday’s tea but when I looked around there was these big monsters brontosaurus dinosaurs behind me as Ted said oh my god I’ve taken there pic and then thay was gone but I was totally flabbergasted but yet felt privaleaged to have strolled wyth dinosaurs but it wyll live for me forever as Ted said as we got back in his automobile well you don’t see them everyday and wow at we know what that look like but I would see them again one this tyme but I saw Jayne five years later in Braintree town she said she never saw them again and since then Stansted airport has expanded but Essex has lots of ghosts coggeshall is on a fault line from Chelmsford to Witham to mersy Island to Waltham abbey to Epping forest in 2011 ghost hunters went to Braintree and found thee many ghosts that haunts there here’s thee famous pic that ted took in 1986

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  1. Susan permalink
    February 2, 2022 2:32 pm

    I’m curious, with your experiences, what you think of “ghost hunters.”

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