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So let’s look at thee other ghosts that I met as two even burst through tyme it’s self as we went to film in thee village back in 2020 as Jack said I think it’s about tyme that this housing office was given a ear full wyth my Jack once he sets his mind to anything it’s do as I say and do what I tell you that needs to be done but things didn’t go to plan much to jack’s annoyance and no one argues wyth a 17th century ghost

February 1, 2022

so as Jack said let’s take a pic as Tom said ok how do you work this pic thing ? As I showed Tom and said just press thee button but as this bright lyght appears all of a sudden this big brontosaurus suddenly appeared at first I thought it was a joke and a toy one but Jack said that is a real one but thee smell of gone off fish was overwhelming as after Tom took thee pic I looked up at its brilliant red eyes he looked so sad so I called him Eric but as thee bright lyght appears he walked back through it but as people walked by thee end of thee road no body even botherd to look

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  1. Susan permalink
    February 1, 2022 2:50 pm

    I really wish you could relocate……

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