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So Let’s look at thee 21st century tyme as my husband and Jack and Chris discuss wyth power bills keep going up up and up it’s come to thee stage do we eat or heat also wyth food prices going through thee roof we are more taxed today than in thee 1950s

February 2, 2022

so as electricity is becoming a luxury we can hardly afford so it’s five days wyth candle light and two days electric lyght one dinner a week so what’s been happening in ash towers well last week two police officers came and we talked about thee man who forced his way in last year I also explained about thee ongoing problems here as thay said oh that have had two different housing officer since then but know one told us that also said about our boxes beeing a fyre hasard but they have been by our bed for over five years and thee man who left his scrap cooker out side our door and after reapeated promises of remooveing it he hasn’t just one excuse after another but recons he wyll remove it and our cooker inside but we payed him to take it but thee thing is when as thee police said that wyll let thee fire department know but that doesn’t address thee ongoing situation wyth no cooperation as we thought perhaps we should of excepted king Henry’s offer and not returned to this tyme but as Jack said it would of only been a continuous loop of things that would of happened earlier in his tyme as for here I’d rule thee day I ever met that pig mark heard of this county it’s just a pain in thee jacksea it’s ok for every one in London who got what they wanted by making us leave but what about my feelings justice has not deemed to be done As you know that it was Tom and Robert and jack’s and Chris birthday on Monday just gone and each had thee same cakes Wych they eaten before thee oven died

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