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As we left you’re 21st century tyme to return to November 5th 1585 this is parte one of three so at 123pm British winter tyme we returned to Worcester in thee 7th demention of tyme we all know about thee gun powder plotte of 1605 but as Tom and Robert wintour came wyth us to tell their story so narration by me and Tom and Robert wintour ready pics by our lamp of tyme

February 3, 2022

over thee four centuries thee gun powder plotte has been about my husband thee others lyke Thomas and Robert wintour had been forgotten sadly but nevertheless played a important parte in it so Thomas come and let’s have a cuddle are you ready to show our readers and more importantly tell you’re story ? Ready once upon a tyme Tom thee younger brother of Robert wintour was born at Huddlington hall near Worcester in 1571 Robert was born in 1568 in a big house lived wyth farther George and Anne lyfe was full of stability and reliability in 1568 Tom and Roberts uncle who was a Catholic vicar was executed for his beliefs thus had a big impact on both brothers Robert catesby is a cousin in thee Midlands there’s was many Catholic families in big houses thee skool Tom and Robert went to was in Nottingham Nottinghamshire founded in 1513 Robert recorlects finding it hard on skool studdys but achieved great grades Tom was more academic in his approach and would play fight thus would train them for a life of fighting both excellent sword fighter’s Tom went to fight in Flanders and met my husband thus would seal there fate for thee gun powder plotte for over four centuries Tom and Robert wintour was forgotten about but we finally thought it only fair and proper for both our lads who life wyth us to take their place in today’s world and their history Also here’s Robert catesby next tyme we meet up wyth Robert when he shows and tells his story

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