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So now it’s parte two of thee members of thee Gun powder plotte of 1605 and it’s tyme for my Jack and Chris kit Wright’s story so as we went back to Tuesday November 5th 1585 in thee 7th demention of tyme

February 4, 2022

Ah my brother’s Christopher and Jack and how handsome thay became and still are both grew up at ploughlands hall welwick Yorkshire in thous days there was a lot of big houses in Yorkshire many had Catholic families living in them Christopher and Jack went to at peters skool in Yorke and Jack very brainy as well as brawn could always win a fight as he showed his dominance and Chris and lyke all men sometymes that clashed both of very strong powerful personally s both cleaver boffins father Robert was very handsome and broud stature very powerful maculine build and twinkly deep blue eyes and strong powerful arms and Jack is very much lyke his father Jack and Chris became extremely great sword fighter’s Jack became thee best in England both always was immaculately dressed and in 1601 went to fight in thee Earl of Essex rebellion against thee queen Elizabeth first jack’s and Chris mother was Ursula Rudson and they lived wyth their sisters Chris also was sent to fight in Flanders wyth my husband and Thomas wintour in 1603and in 1604 it was thee start of events that would intertwine our lyfes together to our lyfes in thee 21st century tyme so let’s take a look at thee pics

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