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So let’s return to thee uttoxeter twilight zone and thee ongoing problems that has plagued this place and thee total unreasonable behaviour lies pee taking and just general hell it seems that our disspicable neighbors wyll try at nothing to finally win and get us to leave here do you remember when we reported about when we was watching on that fateful Thursday night when watching wheeler dealers wyth Anthony Anstead at 10pm as we sat to watch thee programme this man forced his way in to our place and after he said he wouldn’t leave till he needed an ambulance as he hurt his leg but it didn’t stop him from jumping over thee electric fyre which is put by thee door and wouldn’t leave he became very adutated and volutile and said I’m a terrorist and I know many in Londinum as I said we lyfed in Londinum after he tried to come in further I said you don’t want to do that as guy my husband appears as I said I lyfe wyth Guido Fawkes as my husband said I’ll scalp you after he called us British pigs and my husband said I’ll scalp you leave it means in modern language punch you anyway as you know I cryed for help and no body came even though thay was all outside thee door after thee second call to thee ambulance service that turned up and took him away as he left my traitor neighbors laughed and said that we would of loved to seen thee look on you’re face .

February 5, 2022

then as I said and yes I’d lyke to see thee look on you’re faces after I’ve slapped them .then as you know patrols from thee spirit world came Robert from dusk till dawn but last week our oven started playing up but as it’s over 60years olde we thought well we got thee spare and a month ago thee scrap metal dealer who lives in thee top flat said I’ll have it so we payed him thee money to collect it and he said I’ll leave my one outside you’re door and collect them both together but one month later it’s sti llthere last week two police officers turned up and asked about thee break in As I said that was last year then thay said about thee cooker outside I explained that it was thee man’s upstairs and he wyll collect it then they said oh you’re boxes oh there a fyre hasard but they have been there for over five years by our bed this week thay came back and said our cooker in our main room wyll have to go as well and now thee housing officer is calling next week but this morning as this flash outside thee winder at 335am as I was putting on my dress as thee fluttering of wings and it was thee boss him self along wyth archangels Michael and Gabriel and Uriel and Raphael and Remiel and jermaile as we opened thee door we found our selves at thee side of thee boss from heaven above as he said we have been watching thee heathens at ash close and are very disstrubed by thee events of what has transpired and we wyll be back to see what wyll be done and here that are

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