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And as Robert Catesby arrived yesterday to tell his story so let’s begin once upon a tyme as well that all know that wyth thee twinkle in thous big eyes of his and surfistication and charm and stunning looks Robert catesby was much loved and admired by many people .

February 6, 2022

robert catesby is one of our visitors so then Robert so you want to tell you’re story ? Just a minute Robert hands where I can see them yes I know I’m lovely really men talk about wondering hand trouble Robert catesby was born 1572 farther sir William catesby mother Anne thay lived at Clastleton and Bushwood hall in Oxfordshire his uncle Francis Throckmorton was executed in 1586 . Robert went to Gloucester hall college in 1586 in 1601 went to fight in the Earl of Essex rebellion against thee queen Elizabeth first Christopher and Jack also went to fight along side in 1588 Robert and Frances Tresham found their selves imprisonment at Wisbech castle it was thee start of events of thee gun powder plotte in thous days Catholic families was barred from most employment in Wisbech castle also a great deal of Jesuit priests was sent to thee castle Christopher Hollywood William Weston and Thomas Pounde and was sent to thee londinum tower of Londinum and was made to watch his poor brother beeing hung drawn and quartered and thee same was done to many all because of their faith it’s very operant that such barbaric practices was aloud under thee queen Elizabeth first rule also in 1588 thee Spanish Armada ships wyth soldiers from Flanders sailed from Lisbon in their Habsburg ships in may 1588 but thee English channel was windy and thee ships was no match for thee carm watters of thee med and at Gravelines in France sir Francis Drake sent most of them to thee bottom of thee English channel but on July 21st 1588 king Philip of Spain intended to kick off thee olde queen Elizabeth first off her thrown but yet again as Francis Tresham said thay bobbed up and down lyke toys ones and got blown off course some even found them selves on thee coast of Ireland where thay met there demise as for Francis Tresham he was born in 1567 eldest son of sir Thomas Tresham lived at Rishton hall in Northampton Northamptonshire thanks Robert oh go on them you can kiss me what hot lips you have you naughty boy Robert

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