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As we prepare our case for uexit bill earlier Robert catesby and Thomas and Robert wintour and Jack and Chris and my husband for over four years talked about how thee purple and red conceltation papers could be drawn up a three party whip was introduced but Chris had eaten them as he later recalls they was very nice expecially wyth thee walnut on thee top . Robert catesby and my husband said in view of thee facts that it would be prodent to introduce a six line party whip

February 7, 2022

As this evening as my self and Robert and king Henry thee 8th went on thee floor of thee house of heaven and earth as thee speaker of thee house announced us as we was elected to speak as we all had knowledge of parliamentary committees after we addressed thee house it was decided that thee bill would there for pass and now it goes on to thee third stage for conceltation to then become thee final orange paper as Wednesday draws near wyth thee housing officer at ash close that it should be controlled and prodent to reverse thee decision that was made back in 2016 to thus make recommendations to Londinum councils it must be enversized that living in uttoxeter has been a total dissaster and a complete waste of tyme effort and money it has caused considerable amount of hardship financial loss and stress it is not at all suitable in any circumstances thay have done there up most thee neighbors to make our lyfes a living hell and that isn’t exceptible so we wyll be back on Monday so until then

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  1. Susan permalink
    February 8, 2022 2:14 pm

    I’m sorry your time there has been so unhappy, and that you’ve had such wretched experiences with your neighbors. I wish there was something I could do, beyond suggesting you find a local anti discrimination organization or an anti hate organization that would perhaps be able to help.

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