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As our Uexit bill went from thee meeting at thee heaven and earth to go up to thee spirit world where we went to present our case as thee judge said you have thee right to choose any one from our world to present thee fact everyone and everything is to help you but bear in mind due to much interest in this matter you only have a minute to choose have you thought on whom you want ? As we said yes holy father we want father Henry Garnet to state our case as father Henry Garnet was called and said gladly accept as we talked about what trainspired over our tyme at ash close as thee judge said are you ready Henry ? Yes we are as thee case and as he fureshed thee facts and thee total unreasonable behaviour lies that had been told by everyone there at ash close since July 2016 thee conclusion was after thee judge holy father said Henry everyone agrees that you have thee total full backing of us all

February 8, 2022

As thee holy father said Boudicca even though tomorrow morning in earth tyme 1030am of thee clock you must outline thee facts and what terrible things that has happened to you over you’re tyme there we wyll be watching and Guido and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert and David and Robert catesby as always by you’re side to offer protection as I thank you for allowing me and us to present our case as everyone clapped and said you show them girl you show them and soon we was back on earth ready for them

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