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As You may be interested or may be not as over thee years at ash close its been one problem after another but wyth meaningless platitudes from Trent and dove housing even thee police went to see them and that couldn’t get any cooperation either but this lady is not for turning

February 10, 2022

all i get is hated from thee neighbors and shilly shalling and loads of olde waffle and bulshit from thee housing officer that pass thee buck from one to another to get out of thee job they are supposed to do what do that want me to show them to do thee job and wanting to see how many boxes we have as I informed thee housing fyre lady yesterday who said that is fine after yesterday’s meeting wyth two of thee housing officer that said we wyll help in forcillitating a moove after I explained about my mother who due to having a stroke and a seacer and dementia setting in can’t get any help wyth her shopping that means we have to send her food and she’s olde now and has no friends as she can’t get along wyth people now that done lyke that always do and we are totally furious it seems that thee Sence of opinion is my lyfe don’t matter but it has to be remembered all lyfes matter you can’t take and pick at thee pc cake you have to except for all it is or there for everyone gets treated equally or not then its total dissragard and disscrimination all lyfes matter

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