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do you all remember when we returned to Londinum June Monday 28th 1536 after my husband and Jack after a stay wyth him to do his Tudor fyreworks display for his birthday celebration and then we had to return to thee 21st century tyme even though he wanted us to stay at thee palace of Placentia when lyke in 2014 he called me Jayne well even though our lamp of tyme was only nearly in range to take this pics of us this pic tells you whom I once was and how my husband and Jack and Chris said you look thee same woman but there’s two of thee as I said king Henry was my past lyfe in which I have lyfed many as I’m a very olde spirit and here’s us and king Henry by his Tudor fyreworks Girandola fyreworks at 12foot tall as thee wheels span around and around and around shooting out gold and silver sparks even though king Henry stood five foot away I must admit my husband and Jack and Chris done a magnificent job at making all thee fyreworks as well as thee Gerbs Wych also had blue sparks when my husband lit them

February 17, 2022
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