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As engaland battens downe thee hatches wyth thee wynd douth bloive and then thay rainuth every day as even thee piers along east Anglia are closed due to thee weather well we warned you that storms was imminent and for us in engaland it’s thee fourth one already this year so let’s return to my past lyfe wyth king Henry to 1536 in thee 7th demention of tyme

February 18, 2022

Tudor fyreworks and feest for a Tudor king back in January 24 th 1536 it was ye day of thee tordiment and king Henry in his suit of armour as he mounted his trusty steed set off to fight thee good fight wyth Lance in my Henry’s hand but as his opponent whom struck poor King Henry off his trusty steed but as his trusty steed spread off my Henry got caught in thee sturuops and as everyone rushed to free him from underneath his trusty steed Henry said beloived tis be you I thought of as I saw stars and he passed out .but for my Henry it changed his lyfe for ever thee pain in his leg and sadly for him thee injury never heeled and this open wound he had on it here’s us at Hampton court palace

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