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So let’s take a last look at thee pics thee lamp of tyme took when we returned to Londinum June 1536 to thee palace of Placentia where king Henry was born his brother Aurther was thee eldest and when he sadly died king Henry at thee tender age of 18 became king of England in Henry’s tyme of his reigh fortified his casfels and many wife’s lost their hedes but Henry wrote many songs for thee Tudor court and king Henry still haunts thee palace of Hampton court in Londinum he could be ruthless and always got his way but my Henry had a loving kind streek about his demina and when I died in 1537 he was very sad but my ghost stayed by his side until I returned to earth in 1570 for my second lyfe to be wyth my husband guy Guido Fawkes and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert I remember when at my last tarot reading in uttoxeter in 2018 when I was informed about my other past lyfe wyth king Henry I was bloiven away but our long lyfes from 500years ago wyll always be talk about a riches to rags story and when them monks looked in thee back winder at me whilst I was on thee back seat it’s because of my past lyfe wyth king Henry as he said after he disstrouyed thee monestrys and took their goods and homes all that tyme ago here’s what we eat at our banquets Tudor fyreworks for a Tudor king Henry

February 20, 2022
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  1. Susan permalink
    February 20, 2022 3:55 pm

    You must have been delighted with your OTHER King Harry yesterday. The match unfortunately was not on due to Olympic coverage here in the US, but the highlights I’ve seen looked fabulous.

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