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So let’s return to thee Chelmsford Essex years to 1972 in thee 4th demention of tyme as myself and my stepfather return to where we lyfed amongst many places in Chelmsford let’s return

February 25, 2022

oh thee electric storage heater that I used to sleep on it was nice and warm about 5ft long it was plenty of room to sleep on in thee morning when I got off it on thee number one setting thee amount of static electricity as I touched things have off blue sparks and once a month as regular as clock work thee electrian used to have to repair it but as I didn’t have a bed that was suitable to sleep on and we had no money to buy me one thee storage heater was my bed mind you Must admit I’ve not felt warm ever since but thinking about it it’s no wonder I never cooked my self and here’s David and I and him at hylands house writtle near Chelmsford

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