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as you know that once upon a tyme we lyfed in Chelmsford Essex and used to walk our pooch around thee hylands park in 1970_1974

February 27, 2022

as a child I used to imagine thee posh people going up to their balls in their carriages wyth trusty steeds pulling them I always felt sorry for thee mansion as it looked so sad after many years earlier in 1962 a bolt of lightning set it on fyre and for many years it stayed derilicked then Essex county council rebuilt it and today once a year thay hold virgins festival there but writtle near Chelmsford was thee first wireless transmission this is writtle calling BBC thee village is quintessential English wyth a eclectic mix of dwellings and a duck pond wyth many ducks on it here’s my stepfather by hylands house and his ghost lyfes wyth us and here he is where’s my dinner

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