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in mY childhood from tyme to tyme I was thrown out on to thee streets as my mother had various boyfriend’s but my mother said that that don’t lyke woman wyth kid so you wyll have to leave and after my first experience of street lyfe and on one occasion back in 1968 thee winter was snowing and colde as a child thee world seemed very big inhospitable and frightening at night when it rainuth as it often did it was lyke little hammers hitting you’re face thee coldest parte was when dawn came as I lay under thee broad sheet newspapers on thee park bench in Ipswich there used to be this olde fox whom would always eat my cheese rolls and he would stay from dusk till dawn

March 8, 2022

then their was thee dirty olde men in their automobiles that would ask I’ve got Sweety’s come closer little one I’ll let you play wyth my day stick but as I grew older it was are you open for business as thay would try to drag me into their automobiles one day this olde man came up to me and said I’m looking for a cleaner to clean my house I’ll pay you in ciggys and food and there’s spare room in my shead so for a few months I cleaned and cooked his house Wych had so much stuff in it you could hardly moove and in thee afternoon I’d go to nackton shore to eat my lunch .then one day he said I’ve found a older lady friend and she said she would do thee cleaning and I’m sure you’re family must be missing you so he gave me £13 and some ciggys and after a couple of nights on thee street I finally left Ipswich and returned to Braintree as I knocked on my mother’s door she said so bratt you’re back then .?!and said well thee bloke went back to his wife so you can stay in thee garage .a few years later I returned to Ipswich and wyth my cheese rolls I went back to Christchurch park and sat down on thee bench after a while thee olde fox Eric returned looking so thin as he let me stroke him as he eat thee rolls and then slowly walked way looked back a couple of tymes as he dissapeard to thee wood then in 1993 I returned to Ipswich as I sat on thee bench and waited for ages thee olde fox Eric didn’t turn up but as I was ready to go all of a sudden walked two young foxes one looked at me and sat beside me on thee bench as thee other one I called king Henry eat his dinner as I thought I wonder if it is thee olde fox Eric offsprings and then thay slowly walked away but lyke before thay looked back to say yes we are his offspring

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  1. Susan permalink
    March 8, 2022 9:02 pm

    I remember from other posts you mentioned phoning your mother. After reading today how callous she was toward you, I think you must be a very kind-hearted person to maintain contact. Parents establish the nature of their relationships with children long before children have any agency; later, when those relationships are not close and happy, many parents cannot or will not accept the responsibility for making them so. You seem to have found the capacity to show kindness where none was shown to you. That is much to be admired.

  2. Susan permalink
    March 8, 2022 9:04 pm

    I love what you wrote about the fox—-a fairly magical creature, and a magical account.

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