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we wyll be back on Monday as it’s thee heavenly football game on Sunday kick off 10am earth tyme as thee commentary wyll be by thee brothers big dick little dick and medium dick from thee heaven air and earth studio wyth archangel Michael who wyll be doing thee presenting thee football special

March 11, 2022

so lets look at thee teams for thee city slickers wyth city slicker eyes able NUM one shirt in our 8a side football center half back 2have a go right full back Binky 3left full back pinky midfielder 4 possition 5dinky right outside back 6pongo right full back 7stinkers left half back goal is Tarquin manager is Mr whipper snipper for our team me center half back midfielder Jack 2right full back 3 king Henry 4left full back 5christopher outside right winger Robert catesby right center back 6num 7 Thomas wintour left full back in goal change of player William Shakespeare’s manager my husband Guido Fawkes

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