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As we await thee outcome of tonites Tottenham v Manchester United match at 630pm on sky TV as archangel Michael wyll be watching so as thee city slickers wyth city slicker eyes come to earth to discuss tactics for our one a year game so let’s look at thee heavenly stair case how does it work

March 12, 2022

as you may know that up in thee solar system there is weightlessness and thee jet stream as well as satalights that orbit around earth as you get nearer thee sun thee hotter it gets and thee moons graveltational pull against thee earth our earth spins around at great speed and thee king Dom of heaven is many solar systems far away but wyth power speed 23 it can be reached wyth in five hours at high speed power thee stair case has a very powerful force field that surrounds it and heat shields more powerful than anything known on earth it can also be invisible to thee naked eye and any technical machines it only appears when it’s nearly at its destination as we see on our pics as thay say there’s more to lyfe than heaven and earth

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