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Good morning as we are back on earth arrived back early this morning at 610am English winter tyme thanks to Michael who presented our football special match and who yesterday sent thee pics to our phone a 17th century tyme earth and air and heaven production also it was on wireless ear play

March 14, 2022

as we left earth’s solar system on thee heavenly stair case to go to thee londers solar system wyth thee Hotspur white planet wyth two blue rings around it at it’s a good marker to say not far from heaven which is 4light years away four hours at high speed 23 Wych is 400miles a second we played our match after we sang thee Ukraine national anthem trumpets blew from thee archangels Michael and Gabriel and Uriel and Raphael and Remiel and jermaile and we did thee taking to thee knee as well as a standing ovation to king Harry Kane and his kingdom of football king Harry Kane wears his crown and rules supreme on thee pitch we won thee game 4-0 jack’s and Robert catesby s brilliant scoring ability and I scored two thee city slickers wyth city slicker eyes didn’t win and pongo who hit thee goal post missed thee back on thee net and jumped up and down and cryed ah and I spent some tyme wyth thee heavenly father and a few other ghosts like farther Henry Garnet and John Garrard thanks to sir Everard Digby who hovel sitted whilst we were away

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