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As you know that we left 21st century tyme on earth to play thee city slickers wyth city slicker eyes team in thee kingdom of heaven and we won 4_0 as after traveling on thee heavenly stair case at power speed 23 Wych takes four hours to five hours but it’s four light years away as on earth technology wyll be able to travel through thee solar systems as we left ours it was tyme to travel to thee londers solar system Wych is blue rings around a white planet wyth a very high graveltational force but on thee way back after reading how thee Hotspur was only at first one planet

March 15, 2022

in thee vast library of heaven we was shown by archangels Michael and Gabriel thee history of thee Hotspur and on thee 15th September 1960 thee planet collided wyth another one there was an almighty bang and clouds of smoke filled thee atmosphere for days when it cleared an identical planet was formed pcg15091960 to give it’s ref number a few years went by then on thee 29th of July 1993 thee same thing happened but this tyme everything went into darkness for a very long tyme and Hk2807199310 was born an identical planet to thee other three then on 15011994 thee same thing happened and to this day thee four planets have stayed thee same it’s been said that on earth at thee tyme of thee explosions that three great communicators men was born on thus said dates from exerter in thee west of engaland to thee middle of England and Londinum in thee east thay say you learn some thing new every day all I can say is wow here’s thee planet hot spur and it’s a new solar system never seen on earth before thee lamp of tyme took this pic a moment of history

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