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Our meeting wyth thee holy father as we went to play our yearly football game against thee city slickers wyth city slicker eyes Parte one

March 18, 2022

but what happened after wards well as thee holy father asked my husband I hope you are looking after my daughter son in law? As my husband Guido said yes as always .as then thee holy father said now’s where’s my other son in law Henry where are you ? As king Henry said I’m here .I can see that son in law Henry are thee looking after my daughter who walks wyth heathens on earth of wickedness and evil yes holy father one does as I said holy father there are some people that are good on earth but sadly a lot are pure evil as Father said well it’s a great shame that you don’t get thee opportunity to encounter such people daughter of ours isn’t it but over thee centuries we all had a cross to bear thee passion of Christ said us all .as just under neath us on thee heavenly stair case came to say hello was our friend father John Garrard who was born on earth in October 1564 and went to skool in Willaston parte of thee Jesuit priests in 1594 he was captured and along wyth John Arden was sent to thee londinum tower of Londinum after that torcherd him and even put a sack over his head father John said that he was allowed two things he asked for a lemon and venum paper to Wright on as he wrote wyth lemon juice a letter to thee Catholic underground if you write on paper wyth lemon juice it becomes invisible when dry but if you hold thee paper under watter you can can what’s been written cleave or what ? On 4th October 1597 both John’s escaped from thee tower by rope but John Garrard recalls after extreme torcher he’s wrists was so bad as they both went down thee wall to safety and thay was put in a boat and rowed to safety by their friends end of parte one

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