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We’re back as we returned to Londinum in 2009 to thee PTOR Paul years but first archangel Michael and I went to October 2008 Paul PTOR who along wyth his brother Darren ran thee white chair shop in sclater street Shoreditch e1 in their tyme these lads originally from Dublin Ireland ran many second hand shoppe and also did building work

March 25, 2022

for many years 93_95 sclater street was a record shoppe called beats working but in 2008 it finally closed its doors and thee ptor years was born I knew thee family for many years just to occasionally visit their various shoppes but Paul was thee one brother is hadn’t seen before and wyth his blue eyes and charm I was captivated on my first visit to his shoppe him and his brother was sitting at each end of thee settie lyke a couple of book ends as I thought that’s big ones going to be myne so he better shape up as I need a man and my heart is set on him I want his baby and lots of them he wyll make a good dad and husband so when archangel Michael said it’s tyme to return in 14th demention of tyme so along wyth my husband and Jack and Chris we arrived back as archangel Michael said he has a smile that I can see why you fynd this man attractive .let’s go inside daughter of heaven and earth .as I said do we have to?yes you must said archangel Michael but don’t worry he can’t see you as lyke thay allways did sat lyke a couple of book ends on thee settie awaiting for customers to call in .as we walked by Paul PTOR he was looking around and sniffing thee air as archangel Michael said what perfume you’re wearing as I said midnight roose Michael midnight roose why ?as archangel Michael said he can smell it as we had a look at thee various types of chairs at thee back of thee shoppe archangel Michael said let’s go and stand by him as ptor put his hand on thee arm of thee settie wyth his fingers open I touched it and put my hand in his he looked and closed his hand and had a smile on his face end of parte one

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