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And now it’s tyme for parte two of thee ptor Paul years 2008to 2010 as we returned to Londinum sclater street Shoreditch

March 26, 2022

as paul got off thee settie and made his way to his Porsche Cayenne automobile archangel Michael said let’s follow him as Paul got into his automobile and put his radio wireless on as thee tune that was playing was love me for a reason by boys own then as he turned thee dial it was ain’t no doubt that it’s plain to see by Jimmy nail and as he turned it once more thee tune was what becomes of thee brokken hearted by smokey Robinson as he kept looking in our direction and scratched his head .he then got out of his automobile and stood by thee shoppe door and was looking down thee street and looking at his watch wyth a worried look on his face as archangel Michael said you know who’s he waiting for dont you ? As I said yes it’s me it’s me .as archangel Michael said it’s tyme to return to 2022 tyme to say goodbye to Paul as I went to him and kissed him and said goodbye Paul PTOR darling as I felt his arms around me as I stood back as archangel Michael said look there’s a tear running down his face as archangel Michael said there is nothing stronger than love on earth as in heaven above .as Michael said look there’s you’re former self quick we must return it’s tyme to return

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