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And nows it’s tyme for thee final parte of my lyfe wyth PTOR Paul from 2008to 2010

March 26, 2022

we spent all thee tyme we could together in Paul’s shoppe and after thee posters saying that who wears orange is white trash in thee town as on Tesco’s winder by thee cash machine I knew it was that hateful bitch of his was behind it and I went and confronted Paul about it he didn’t look to pleased as he then said how come you wore orange in John’s shoppe this morning and now you’re wearing yellow ? As John said you know them lads in thee shoppe you been in Paul Lykes you and he’s even told his dad that he does .I couldn’t believe my luck as I skipped down thee road and thought he’s thee one as I went into white chapple to buy him an engagement ring a gold one as I thought when it comes to thee subject of Paul as I went into his shop he said wondering where you was as I sat down and then said Paul PTOR I love you and I want to marry you he opened thee ring and said everyone loves me he tryed thee ring on and it fitted lyke a glove and I also gave him two mars bars lyke I always did as his dad came in wyth thee sun paper that chatted as his dad noticed thee ring on ptors finger as made my excuses and left as PTOR Paul’s dad said NAT wyll be pleased that you’ll make a honest wimmin of her a couple of days went by and I put a letter through Paul’s shoppe door and for a few weeks I said to Dolly and Keith I’m on strike I’m not coming up to Paul’s shoppe no longer I think it’s for thee best a couple of weeks later this bloke came up to me and said when you coming back as we miss thee entertainment ? As I said my lyfe is fineshed there I give up on him and lyke crossroads I turn my back on him but as a week later two friends of his was at thee lower end of thee market and asked a lot of questions and said go and see Paul which I did after his fancy piece had sealed up thee shoppe letter box as she tryed to come out thee shoppe Paul made her sit down he was wearing thee ring I gave him but said he would stay wyth her as I walked away feeling such a fool and felt so betrayed and brokken hearted 14years ago but it only seems lyke yesterday wyth PTOR Paul end of parte three

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  1. Susan permalink
    March 26, 2022 6:16 pm

    Once again, such interesting and unique photographs—-both yesterday and today.

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