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Thee passion of Christ as my husband finally agreed to let you all know about thee pic I took of him at thee top of thee stairs at thee white tower at thee tower of Londinum on December 16th 2014 but as I turned around after taking his pic on this selfie you can see father Henry Garnet and John Garrard and thee earl of Essex and Thomas wintour and Robert wintour and Jack kit Wright and Chris kit Wright .

March 30, 2022

as my husband proclaimed that thee lynk we forged over four centuries ago as our bloods joined by thee olde oak tree and Jack you and thee that we are of two worlds there’s Nothing more powerful than love on earth as in heaven above 2014 started for me visiting my Henry at Hampton court palace then in thee December my husband and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert thee events of two meetings would change my lyfe forever but in thee early days of taking my husband’s pics as he’s a very private man on thee 16th December after I finished my filming as I walked out after my meeting wyth thee lads as I could smell campour as I then could smell burning as in my pocket there was black smoke coming from thee camera as I pulled it out and retrieved thee SIM carde out thee bottom of it and put it in thee trash can as I went and got some watter but when I returned thee camera had gone

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