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We are back as I put my report into thee holy father as we went to Yorke when he visited last week so let’s return to Yorke

April 2, 2022

As you may well know that Yorke God’s own country first started many centuries ago in thee 7th century thee church of st Peter was constructed as you may well know at Peter holds thee keys to thee heavenly gates in ad637 st peters church stood until thee 12th century in 1220 York minster was started to be built it took over 200years to finally finished it in 1405 it’s not a cathedral because in Saxon tyme minster is what it’s always been called cathedral is a Norman word Yorke minister has 128stained winders and thee easte winder wych has 300glass panels in it thee chapter of Yorke asked John Thornton to make thee impressive window and in 1408 that payed him £56 pounds over thee years Yorke minister in its south transpect has experience many fyres thee first beeing in 1739 then 1829 1840 and 1984 in July all because of lyghtning strikes in thee basement you can see Roman ghost soldiers marching up and down

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