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Good morning from a soggy damp uttoxeter twilight zone wyth these difficult tymes as we pray for thee people in Ukraine whom have suffered terrible things happen to them thee passion of Christ also here’s my husband and Jack as thay came to some of thee talks I did in 2015

April 5, 2022

you have to admit that this year has so far been a total pig and it’s only going to get worse even in England there is hatred against thee LGBT community wyth devil worshippers that try wyth their heathenious devil worship evil ways cause pain and thee government who luck there back side and won’t ban there attivities but there tyme is nigh and that that do such barbaric practices wyll be sent to burn in hell as for thee government that should remember that thee pc cake is for everyone everyone has their right to lyfe in piece and goodwill it’s a shame that in thee 21st century that hatred and biggorty still is allowed to continue but remember God mooves in mysterious ways and is listening and watching thee heathens on earth wyll pay a dear price thee book that we write on earth is a judgment And when our tyme comes to leave earth when we stand at thee gates of heaven at Peter wyll read if you been good then you can enter if you been bad then to hell you wyll be sent all them centuries ago God sent his only son Jesus to bring good not lyke thee world today full of heathen hatred God bless everyone in Ukraine and as for thee heathens burn in hell

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