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At Last our callender for president vododymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine is finally finished

April 15, 2022

as thee great gentle author wyll be telling you about our special callender for 2023 on spittle fields lyfe blog but it wasn’t easy wyth pics that had 450lines in them and had to be altered to traditional methods size on many occasions when we used to take them into thee shop it used to make their computers break down most modern cameras use colours of red blue and green but lyght of tyme pics don’t it’s yellow and black and white and orange and a colour that thee photo lab couldn’t decifer not visible to thee naked eye apparently as it’s good Friday as thee heathens nailed poor Jesus to thee cross on his left was Gestas and on thee right was dismas both was very bad theifs as we know that thee ten commandments say thoust douth not kill or steal but in thous days punishment was to hard today people murder and get a cushy lyfe in thee slammer at thee tax payers expense we all know about thee song hot cross buns one a penny two a penny hot cross buns give them to you’re daughters give them to you’re sons Easter is a tyme of lyfe and death

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