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As tis wyll be soon tyme to show thee world our special callender for president vododymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine as we join spittle fields lyfe blog as thee great gentle author has agreed to help wyth trying to raise money for a armed vehicle for president vododymyr Zelenskyy to rid Ukraine of thee devil and his heathenious ways

April 18, 2022

up in heaven it’s annoyance about thee events on earth and what’s been going on to thee people of Ukraine and thee poor in England so it was decided that a callender should be made in fact there are two as you know that over a year ago our heavenly visitors first came to us and for us to visit heaven it’s self wych is quite a privilege to stand in front of archangels Michael and Gabriel and Uriel and Raphael and Remiel and jermaile and we thank them for their tyme and this is what you can expect what heaven is lyke where thee good go but thee bad heathens wyll be sent to hell

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