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So let’s return to our cooker collection of tymes past present

April 20, 2022

over thee years we had many cookers for filming to show you all how Britain cooked from thee 1940s to thee present day but some of thee sellers was total pigs and thee lies and deceit and dirty handed ways there was some that you could trust but some you wouldn’t per on if thay was on fyre lyke cash on delivery but thay wouldn’t give you their contact information to arrange a collection day then some would take a cheque then after sending it that would sell it to some one else oh that work was a favourite saying but a lot didn’t and arrived wyth partes missing and filthy dirty thee carrier over thee years broke one or two and some sellers you would pay for thee item and thee rats would cancel thee order and thee trouble getting thee money back if you was lucky in a lot of cases I found people couldn’t be trusted so let’s look at thee baby belling cooker came out in 1970till 2019

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