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Thee many faces of austerity in England as power prices go up and up and up and food prices milk up by£1 a flaggon

April 22, 2022

so as we have to think thrise about to eat or heat that’s thee sixty four follow question as for lyfing in housing association place is hell on earth when we came here we had to pay £169 deposit and you have to always pay a month in advance if any repairs have to be done or a tap washer £75 that expect people to lyfe in mould infestation and there constant bullying ringing up and calling to thee door but if thay keep on that wyll fynd this viscountess size 7shoe kicking there backsides it seems thee poor tenants don’t have any way of redress of grievances and expected to live in swaller whilst thay take in lots of bucks and do nothing for thee tenants loads of money

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