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So let’s return to thee Oxfordshire years to 1973 as my aunt who used to change her cookers when thay got so dirty as she would never clean them .

April 26, 2022

i tell you my aunt cooker was so dirty as she would never clean it and after a while it used to smoke thee place out or wait till I would take two days wyth a Brillo pads and oven cleaner but after thee oven gave up and had a hole inside it my aunt said tyme for a new one but she said it’s only creda carefree for me after all I’m a creda girl my mother had creda but as my uncle said what about Revo moffet or belling or tricity or GEC but she said no creda carefree cooker only this is ours thee creda carefree module 4073 made in 1974

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  1. Susan permalink
    April 26, 2022 11:26 am

    Your aunt was, in an unfortunate way, ahead of her time, wasn’t she? Rather than properly looking after her cooker, she just regarded them as disposable! That’s true of…….well, lots of things now.

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