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So let’s return to 2014 to Southend on sea Essex to January of that year bouy it was colde and wyndy as thee wynd douth bloive parte one

April 30, 2022

as thee train chugged along thee tracks from Londinum wyth a hey hoe wyth thee wynd and thee rainuth as it chugged into thee station at shenfield tis be all change as we had to change trains to get thee Southend Victoria one from platform one after a while thee train chugged into thee station as we boarded and waited for it to get a head of steam up as thee doors closed as thee announcer said this train is for Southend Victoria thee train wyll be calling at billericey wickford and Southend Victoria as thee train chugged along thee tracks we soon arrived at Southend Victoria as we alighted thee train and made our way to have thee station man wyth his red cheeks all a glow checked our tickets and we went out side to wait for Chris it was very colde as thee wynd and thee rainuth douth bloive when Chris evenchally turned up we set offt for a cup of tea as we refreshed and quenched our selves before our journey into thee city but did you know that Southend started its lyfe as a small village many centeries ago now it’s a city end of parte one

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