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So let’s return to Southend on sea Essex in thee 1950s and 1960s my stepfather David used to visit thee Towne for there vaccination as you may know that Southend used to be independent of thee rest of Essex till 1974 when it lyke married Essex

April 30, 2022

when we mooved to Chelmsford Essex in thee 1970s we used to visit thee now city to see thee lyghts and thee pier wych is one of thee longest in England

near by Townes are shoeburry Ness Leigh by thee sea here’s my stepfather David pics of thee automobiles driving along thee sea front and thee vast market and thee olde blue Southend bus and thee bovver boys wyth their lace up boots in thee summer bank holiday you used to see lots of them very handsome thay was and here’s thee lyghts of Southend in thee 1970s wyth it’s Peter pans playground and never never land and thee kersell

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