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On that snowy day in January 21st 2014 it would change my lyfe for ever as I set offt to Hampton court palace from Bethnall green via watterloo parte four earlier I phoned Chris to see if he would come along he said no thanks I went wyth thee skool many moons ago in thee 1950s it’s something you must do on you’re own it’s you’re destiny For over 500years king Henry and I tell you of our past lyfe in 16th century engaland

May 2, 2022

as i got on thee underground and evenchally arrived at watterloo as I waited for thee train as it chugged into thee station I boarded and waited until it chugged along thee tracks to Hampton court and I got offt and as I walked through thee snowe showers I thought I’ve been here before as I walked through thee gates and got my ticket I went to thee kitchen there was a fyre in thee grate as I looked at it and warmed my hands I felt this arm around my waist as I took thee pic and then king Henry appears as I took his pic he said thoust douth say beloved wife at last thoust hasuth returned to me as I looked at him and then I walked up thee long stair case to thee room upstairs and looked around there was this handsome man up there he smiled I smiled back underneath my red long coat I had my Tudor dress on as I left thee room I took my coat off and walked downe thee stairs to take a selfie but then I could smell this lyke rotten meat as I turned around standing behind me was king Henry he said thoust beloved Jayne thoust beloved husband is here waiting for your return do thus remembere at thee jousting tordiment on 24th January 1536 think beloved as I said yes Henry yes Henry in full armour you was knocked off you’re trusty steed unconscious you was trapped by thee reigns untill you was cut free from underneath thee steed of course I remembere Henry as he said thoust didn’t know that when I came to it was you I thought about .wych sent chills downe my spine as I turned to go out to thee court yard I turned around to Henry and said I must go outside as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust douth not turn you’re back on you’re king as I went to walk he knocked me flying as I picked me self up offt thee floor this man said you ok ? Seen a ghost ? As I explained what had transpired .he said oh that’s Henry he Lykes thee ladies you’re honoured to see him as I went outside Henry was watching and waiting for me and came over and said thoust douth loved thee you know that end of parte four

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