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So Let’s return to Londinum years 2008 and fyre on thee over head train wyre it was to be thee beginning of a sequence of events from my past lyfe wyth king Henry thee 8th so let’s return to Cambridge heath line

May 2, 2022

chris who used to come up requarly we thought we would go to wood green in thee tyme of Keith to see if he had anything interesting in his shoppe to buy so we walked downe thee hackney road to thee Cambridge heath station and waited for thee train to white heart lane .after a while thee train chugged into thee station as we got on and sat downe as thee doors douth closed and as it chugged along thee tracks before thee train chugged into Londinum fields there was this almighty bang as thee carrage shook and this smell of burning that filled thee air as thee doors slowly opened thee train driver said everyone out this train terminates here due to a technical faults .as we got off and looked downe thee tracks thee arm thee Conductor from thee top of thee train was glowing red on thee tracks and thee wyre was on fyre as a piece was dangling from where it snapped I said to Chris oh my God it’s fyre on thee wyre so I said we wyll have to get thee bus to wood green as we walked downe thee stairs Chris said did you say something as we got to thee bottom of thee stairs as I looked at thee wall this image started to appear as I took thee pic I said so what did you here ? Beloved Jayne thoust douth must return to me promise you wyll come you must comeuth as I said yes Chris I heard it to it’s a message end parte one

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