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Thee visit to wear in heartfordshire where hurricanes hardly ever happen January 2014 wear further from home .

May 2, 2022

as i cought thee train from Londinum Liverpool Street as it chugged along thee tracks to Tottenham Hale after that it chugged along just before Enfield station it stopped as thee lyghts went out and then it went very colde as thee doors flew open as I looked across there was these two men standing outside this olde palace little did I know that it was thee palace of elysing and it would be king Henry and his son as I took thee pic thee doors closed and thee train chugged along as I looked back thee palace had gone it was a Woode as thee train chugged along to ware I got offt and took thee pics and one of watter pidgeion who followed me everywhere I went there was men in their automobiles blowing their horns

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