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So let’s return to Hampton court palace closer to home and my past lyfe wyth king Henry thee 8th parte five v

May 3, 2022

as i went outside to thee court yard Henry was there awaiting as I lit a cigarette he said sorry beloved wife .so you’re not a ghost now but you’re spirit is wyth in you what is that thing you keep putting in you’re mouth ? So I said why want to try ?he looked and thoust douth say give he took a puff and said no more . it’s tyme thou came wyth me for a grand tour but as wife you’re not a ghost we wyll have to do it another way put that fyre thing out yes Henry I said.comeuth let me hold you hold me don’t let go .all of a sudden we was in this bedroom apartment thee big fyre place as I looked at Henry why have you brought me here ? Do you remember?so I said in god’s name why do thoust douth ask beloved husband ? Comeuth beloved wife as we looked at clock wych Henry had specially commissioned as Henry is very interested in astrology thee sun and moon and thee world wych in our past lyfes thee world was flat and only thee Europe and Asia and Africa thee new world hadn’t been discovered yet .as we went around thee palace Henry showed me thee great hall and thee six winders of all thee Queens three wych where thee lyght came through was thee Queens he Lykes and on thee other side thee darke side was thee ones he hated when Ann b had her head cut off king Henry ordered all thee monograms of H and a removed but he for got one end of parte v

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