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17th century pics proudly presents my past lyfe wyth king Henry thee 8th parte six 2014 1534 so let’s return to my lyfe wyth Henry thee 8th

May 4, 2022

as i held on to my Henry we found our selves in thee room of Jayne semour as Henry said beloived Jayne thoust douth remember as we looked through thee winder to thee clock opposite it was 810 pm as I looked at Henry why in God’s name why are you showing me these images ?as my Henry then said to help you remember my beloved wife .as I said beloived Henry thoust douth remember of course I do thee happiness and joy and pain .as Henry said beloived Jayne thoust douth come wyth me tyme is running out for me to return you to you’re 21st century world or thee can stay wyth me once again as you’re spirit did from 1537 to 1570 as I said Henry is that a rhetorical question? No stay wyth me as I said thoust can not beloved Henry soon we was standing by king Henry’s bed date 28th January 1547 as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust douth remember what thoust douth say as I layuth dieing ? As I said yes my Henry yes you said I wyll first take a little sleep and then as I feel myself I wyll advise upon thee matter at Whitehall palace .yes my Henry said as you’re ghost was all ways by my side as thoust held my hand waiting for me to join you once again and that we would both haunt thee palaces together .do you remember yes Henry yes my Henry I do end of parte six

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