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Parte six of my first past and present lyfe wyth king Henry thee 8th 1534 to 1537 to 2014 to 2022 ongoing so let’s return to Hampton court palace January 2014 Hampton court nearer to home

May 8, 2022

as Henry said beloived douth remembere what I said that day on 28th January 1547 at White hall palace ? As you’re ghost was holding my hand.?in God’s name why douth thee ask me that ?but my betrothed guine in modern English it means queen .as I said beloived husband you said when asked I wyll first take a little sleep and then as I feel my self I wyll advise upon thee you do remembere beloved wife yes husband I do as Henry you’re smile always lights up thee room as Henry said beloived comeuth wyth me as we continued our stroll through Hampton court palace as we found our selves in thee garden as Henry said beloived it’s soon tyme to return you to you’re world but I’d rather you stayed wyth me and once again we could haunt together as I said beloived Henry my spirit is always wyth you as we walked around thee garden holding hands as I pointed out to Henry there’s a maze as I said we didn’t have one of thous in our tyme and look in our tyme our garden was in squares and fenced offt today it’s everywhere !as Henry said beloived you are right so right it’s tyme for you to return to you’re world beloved .yes Henry but you know where I lyfe you can comeuth later after thee palace closes that I

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