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So let’s return to Londinum Leyton stone calling nearer to home back in 2014 I used to visit there regularly Leyton stone wych nessels between Stratford and South Woodford

May 13, 2022

has a variety of eclectic mix of dwellings and history wyth it’s church and underground train services and buss station it also boarders on Epping forest

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  1. Susan permalink
    May 13, 2022 11:35 am

    Thanks very much for all the interesting photos you’ve recently shared. Have you always been interested in photography? Surely the answer is yes as you seem to have had a camera at hand so frequently throughout your life. There is something satisfying about having physical photograph rather than just images on a phone or iPad, don’t you think? I can’t rid myself of the niggling thought that the all of mine that are hovering in The Cloud might one day simply…….vanish!

    • May 13, 2022 12:25 pm

      Hi thanks for your message yes back in 2012 as I thought that if I wrote a story about our lyfes I’d have to back it up wyth everdence and say to thee world well this is us this is our lyfe story it gives everyone an insite in to our lyfes and thee places we lyfed at that tyme what we are today who was was then from Tudor tymes to thee gunpowdere plotte of 1605 to day let’s hope you’re mist clears on you’re lap top thanks for reading

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