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Parte 3 of thee day when my lyfe was bloiven aparte and thee sequence of events that would change my lyfe for ever so let’s return to Braintree further from home .to 2016 ready ?

May 15, 2022

we all returned to my mother’s and after a snack and a cup of tea we refreshed our selves then it was tyme to catch thee train at 305pm as we waited at Braintree Freeport station for thee londinum Liverpool Street train as king Henry was looking at thee indercatter board and it changed as guy and Jack looked at Henry when it said train cancelled .as one hour later thee 405pm was cancelled to we returned at 455pm as my husband and Jack and king Henry said what trainspired earlier just had to be done beloved wife as thee train chugged into thee station we said goodbye to mother and stepfather rex and as it was preparing for departure we got on and waited until it chugged along thee tracks to Londinum Liverpool Street station.we alighted and went out of thee station for a ciggy or three and when thee no 48 bus stopped we got on .we soon arrived at Bethnall green closer to home and crossed thee busy hackney road I opened thee door to fynd thee radiators pulled offt thee wall and as we went in there was our things everywhere all thee cupboards turned out every thing was on thee floor in thee bedroom you could smell pee thee bed was brokken and someone had peede on it and pooed I rang thee police after wards in shock I rang mark my so called boyfriend and my mother who said well you’re not coming here I’ve got my son to think about and I was told that if thay had killed you then you could of haunted Hampton court palace again wyth you’re Henry and I got thee same answer from Chris who said beeing a Torie conversitive as I am poor wimmin lyke you I can’t help I don’t help thee poor .thee police turned up asked about and made notes I phoned thee gentle author who came after thee ferencic officer came in my compact was death British white bitch pig my Pixy head was snapped offt I asked thee lady about what she thought when I said that there was a carde from tower Hamlets council to say sorry we missed you on thee mat end of parte three

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