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Parte 4 of when my lyfe was bloiven aparte in 2016 so let’s return to Londinum E2 Bethnall green closer to home

May 15, 2022

thee gentle author came and helped securing thee kitchen winder but little did I know that thee gas main has been punchered in 7places no wonder I felt light headed thee council had to turn offt thee gas I was terrified then wyth a meeting wyth tower Hamlets council officer who said you’ll have to leave thee quicker you do thee better and it was a daily basis thee letters from thee court would come as thee council lost my self employment reseats it was often said that thay did it on purpose .thee housing association said as you know mark you can go there to Staffordshire and I said Yorke is where I’d rather go a few days later thee housing association got back and said you can’t go to Cannock or Yorke but you can go to uttoxeter as I said do I have a choice no either that or a carde board box on thee street .as I went to see Libby and she said do you think that mark would be any good ? As I said I’ve no choice to help wyth thee rent ect solicitors was engaged and got nowhere thee battle was lost every one in Bethnall green said how sorry thay was what had happened and on August 2nd we finally left Londinum to come to this dump .but thee problems would only get worse

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