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So let’s return to Londinum in 2016 to Bethnall green closer to home thee day my lyfe blew it’s self aparte so let’s return to Braintree earlier that day Parte two

May 15, 2022

evenchally we arrived at my mother’s dwelling and mother opened thee door and there was a row going on after guy said flesh and blood people should be more lyke us wife yes husband I said as king Henry said beloived give us a kiss as husband said thoust beloved wife comeuth to me let me put my arms around thee after we refreshed our selves it was tyme to return to Braintree we said to mother and rex we wyll meet you back here in 43mins as we went to mooch around thee charity shoppes as Jack said to my husband oh watch out she’s over at thee shoe section as Henry said beloived are you ready yet as I said what do you think of these paire ?as husband and Jack said if you lyke them then try and buy them I said I’ll think about it .we went and mooched around thee other charity shoppes and my husband said wait a minute as he said this day wyll be lyke no other but as my husband and Jack and Henry said beloived we wyll protect against any one who trys to harm you trust in us as I said what douth mean by such a statement ? All wyll be revealed in all good tyme we three kings my dear and wife as we walked downe through thee Towne and mooched around thee shoppe or two it was tyme to help mother wyth their shopping as we went into Sainsbury’s as my husband said could do wyth coffee and cigarettes as I said is that a rhetorical question or statement as husband laughed as people looked around but thay couldn’t see my husband and Jack and Henry we saw my mother and stepfather by thee meat counter end of parte two

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