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So let’s return to Cannock Staffordshire calling further from home back in October 2019 it would signal thee end of our visits there as Mr Ratfink mark king rat would allways do his usual uncaring trick of saying oh yes I’ll meet you and then thee rat once he knew that I was there would ring up and say he wasn’t coming but could I put some money through his door whilst I was there after six tymes I just didn’t want to visit there again and I never went back and never wyll .

May 16, 2022

In thee tyme of Ratfink mark who constantly took what he could and really was taking thee pee but in them days I was too daft to see it but Cannock by automobile 53 mins but by train and two busses and trains it takes over four hours to get their at rugley Trent valley you have to wait for thee train as you see thee tumble weed bloive down thee tracks it’s lyke beeing in a wyled west moovie in thee middle of know where and thee tymes I got stranded in thee dump as thee trains allways got cancelled and that Ratfink mark when you rang him up wouldn’t answer thee phone

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