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As we finally said goodbye to twitter and after 7years and I always tried to stand up for Ukraine and president vododymyr Zelenskyy in our tyme on thee site we tryed to introduce our story and thee injustices of how people have been very badly treated thee world we lyfe in today is not a very nice place people sadly are beeing killed and torcherd for there country and believes wych isn’t fair everyone has thee right to lyfe their lyfes in piece and safety but even though we won’t going on twitter any more we wysh every one on there every happiness and as for Ukraine we hope that justice wyll provale and thay can once again lyfe there lyfes in piece and goodwill for us at least we have shown thee world that heaven above exists and we have thee pictorial everdence to prove it and that we lyfe on lyfe is a learning curve we go through it and learn

May 20, 2022
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