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So let’s return to Londinum years and in1995 to 2019 Christopher twice a year would go on his cruses around thee world and in his tyme he went every where from thee Mediterranean to Russia and Ukraine and Canada and Africa in fact he went every where some of his adventures took over four months and even though when he got back from his USA trip he said oh my friends gas cooker cought on fyre and I said wyth all that money you have did you buy him a new one or a good second hand one he said no it’s against my nature to help anyone as I said you tight fisted little git how could you leave you’re best friend wyth nothing to cook on whilst you went galavanting around thee globe enjoying your self

May 20, 2022

give me Richards number ? So I phoned him up and said did you manage to buy a gas cooker he said afraid not so I said you’ll have one by thee end of thee week .as I said as for you Mr piggy we this afternoon are going shopping all donations wyll be grateful in thee end I found him one and brought it and had it delivered to Richard in South end on sea so let’s return to thee USA pics Chris who went to New York city said it was very busy wyth lots of high dwellings and shops and yellow taxies and he said he strolled through central park

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