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After our visit to see archangel Michael to explain and give a full report on what’s been going on so I expect you’re wondering how come I can go to heaven wyth my husband and Jack and Chris and Henry and Tom so let’s return to Londinum Whitechapell hospital August 19th 2015

May 22, 2022

as you know that I was at death’s door and when by thee doctor I’m ever so sorry there’s no more we can do is there any one you can call even though I tried in vane to contact my mother and mark from Cannock who didn’t bother to return my calls .as thee doctor said to make things a Bit better we wyll try to see if this would help it’s a long shot but both you’re lungs have lots of blood in them and you’re left leg is badly damaged you have to remember you can go at anytime .I didn’t know what to think as thee doctor said I won’t be long as this booke I had in my bag started to open thee pages as I felt my husband’s hand on myne as he said thoust douth say beloved it’s not tyme yet .but as thee lyghts went out this angle and two other figures appeared as thay said you have work to do in letting us know what goes on downe on earth Guido and Jack and Chris and Henry are there to protect you .we wyll be seeing you soon daughter of heaven and earth and then thay went thee lyghts came back on and thee doctor returned and said let’s try this it might help you as I said what is it? Warframe as I said I hope that I’ll not have a tail and long nose and wyskers as isn’t that used to kill rats ? She said no but it’s thee only option to try and she injection of it in my tummy nine days later Ratfink mark sent a text wych said are you dead yet if not I want £300 for my mortgage to pay so now you know

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