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This is Braintree calling once closer to home from 1974 to 1994 in thous turberlent years last visit back in June 2019

May 24, 2022

braintree this Towne has many ghosts that haunt thee Towne center thee most famous beeing thee headless horseman in Braintrees past it was a hive of industrial firms or lake and Elliott courthalls and ti Bradbury from food factories but today even though thee Towne center boasts a array of eclectic mix of dwellings and history and shops and restaurants and taverns and second hand shoppes wyth it’s quintessential English dwellings and a main lyne rail station and two shopping centers George yard and Braintree Freeport thee Towne nessels between Chelmsford and Colchester Essex Braintree further from home as you know that from tyme to tyme we have to visit heaven above and as you know that thee archangels Michael and Gabriel and Uriel and Raphael and Remiel earlier this year before thee war there went to make it consecrated ground thee rules are very strict you violate it then heaven wyll be watching and waiting there’s more to lyfe than heaven and earth talking of Ukraine Christopher who visited thee country back in 1998 on my intrusion to take pics of four city’s wych we have thee pics in monochrome from thee chuck away camera you could buy from thee photo shoppe at thee tyme he went gallivanting all over thee planet on his many cruise holidays 39 in all and even danced wyth thee captain as I said lyfe on thee ocean wave all thous sea shanty’s but he said he never walked thee plank and there was no gigging in thee rigging

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